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Reel Talk 2

The Healthy Baby Sunday Campaign was intergenerational designed to encourage involvement of all members of the church from the Mothers of the Church to Youth Groups.

The Reel Talk 2 Campaign was designed as an activity to get the Youth Ministries involved in the Healthy Baby Campaign.   Youth groups from each of the churches were provided with cameras and instruction on how to research, develop a script and shoot a short PSA on the importance of breastfeeding and how it contributes to healthy babies.   Activities related to the development of the PSA provided an avenue for friendly competition between the youth groups at each of the 12 participating churches.

The pictures above reflect ‘winners’ and Youth groups involved in the development of each PSA.   Most pictured are accompanied by either their Youth leader or minister. During the closing ceremony the Youth Groups and their parents agreed that this was a great learning experience and they were all proud to represent their churches.