“Collaborations Is The Key To Change In The Delta”

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Right! From The Start


The Right! From the Start Initiative seeks to collaboratively strengthen and expand networks in the Mississippi Delta to promote breastfeeding, especially through social marketing and outreach. The aim is to encourage support of mothers throughout their pregnancies to lower toxic stress and encourage breastfeeding. Another component of the RFTS activities include the annual Prematurity and Breastfeeding Workshop held in the spring of each year.

The overarching theme of each workshop is: “Collaboration is the Key to Change in the Delta.”   Any organization is encourage to attend including those working with mothers and babies, churches interested in learning how they can support breast-feeding and all others interested in healthy babies and children in their communities.   During the workshops participants engage in activities to identify and develop action plans to:

  • Learn about the latest research on socioeconomic stressors during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Explore the connections between poor birth outcomes, breastfeeding, and access to healthy foods.
  • Discuss interventions to increase breastfeeding rates utilizing social marketing and outreach in churches.
  • Share updates on breastfeeding legislation and the Healthy Food Financing Initiative.
  • Engage in participatory group dialogue sessions on preterm and low weight births, breastfeeding, and nutrition.
  • Participate in problem solving exercises for better health for mother and baby.
  • Develop partnerships for systemic change and enhance collaboration. 

The Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi sponsors workshops. Partners include: The University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies.

The fourth annual Prematurity and Breastfeeding Workshop was held o March 11, 2016.  The Dreyfus Foundation partnered with Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, and the University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies to offer the Problem Solving For Better Health (PSBH) Workshop.  The Dreyfus Foundation of the Rogasin Institute created Problem Solving for Better Health Model.  The PSBH model presents an excellent avenue to explore how we think about education, economics, health and developmental issues.


Depicted below are some of the participants engaging in all of the day’s activities:


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“It takes us all to ensure breastfeeding success.”