Healthy Baby Sunday is an outreach campaign that promotes and encourages breastfeeding and provides education on other maternal and child health issues.

The Healthy Baby Sunday Campaign is spearheaded by Healthy Baby Ambassadors from each community. The ambassadors will not only be active in our Church and faith-based organizations, but also in agencies working with pregnant women and children.  Their goal is to take the message out the their communities of how important it is to support the children.  


Focus groups are being held with various church representatives and  others in the Delta concerning pregnancy, birth outcomes and breastfeeding. Participants of the focus groups discuss each of these subjects as it relates to themselves individually and to their communities as a whole.

At the start of the Healthy Baby Campaign a survey was administered to members of each designated church to test knowledge of subjects related to breastfeeding and to gauge their attitudes about breastfeeding. As a part of this research we also gathered demographic data about each respondent.   At the close of the Campaign the same survey will be administered as a “post-test” to gauge changes in the knowledge base and overall effectiveness of the campaign.

We partner with community agencies to recruit focus group participants. The University of Mississippi Center for Population Study is conducting this research with the “Right! From The Start” program, led by the Women and Children’s Health initiatives and the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.  Participants in the focus groups are ensured confidentiality.  Results from the focus groups will be used to inform the community of the needs of mothers and children in their communities.