During the kick-off of the Right! From the Start church outreach campaign, Rev. Dickey preached a rousing sermon entitled the “Natural Greatness of a Mother,” which extolled the importance of a mother in a baby’s life and the benefits of breastfeeding. Rev. Dickey used a number of messages in his sermon including passages from the Old Testament bringing it to modern day experiences.

Rev. Dickey’s sermon was delivered with such passion; it brought other preacher’s in the pulpit and the audience to their feet in applause and fellowship.   A comment made from a female evangelist who attended the program, sums it up. She stated that one of the reasons she came was to see how a “man [male pastor] could preach on breastfeeding. She said, usually matters like this, if discussed at all, are left to women.” When asked how she felt Reverend Dickey did, she stated: “Rev. Dickeys sermon was excellent and very moving. “

Excerpts from Rev. Dickey’s Sermon -Importance of a Mother:

“The Second Sunday in May is recognized as the official Mother’s Day; however, I am compelled to say that every day should be an official day for a Mother’s Day.
A mother, who carries a baby within her, has developed a tremendous love and affection for which their bond will never end. After the birth, a mother will begin to offer her child a tremendous wealth of physical development.”

Rev. Dickey also used the Story of Moses from the Old Testament as scripture for his sermon:

“There came a Pharaoh in Egypt that knew not Joseph and certainly he did not know the Only True and Living God, and as a result, he was outnumbered by the Israelites and felt threatened that his nation and their way of life were in jeopardy.

Pharaoh felt that by enslaving Israel, it would stop their population growth; cause of number of them to die from hard work and harsh treatment, reducing their days on earth. They were held in bondage, they were mistreated and they were oppressed and beaten with the whips from their taskmaster. In addition, he felt that if he could break their spirits they would stop having babies! Every newborn male child was to be killed. But the people overcame the persecution by multiplying and bearing more children. Everywhere was a mother pregnant.

From the Nile, Pharaoh’s daughter discovers this ark-like basket and opens it. And God, like a baby being first born had this child to cry and compassion moved upon her until she called him Moses “Out of the River.”   She then commanded Miriam to find a Hebrew mother to nurse this baby for which it was Moses’ birth Mother! In nursing this baby from the natural breast, she offered him three things.

She offers protection. A mother is able to hold and shield her baby while providing nursing. With her whole body, she holds her precious child in the secure cradle of her arms. She is providing protection in the efforts to sustain their lives.

Secondly, she offers preservation. The Bible declares that Moses’ mother was able to maintain a relationship with him. While learning Egyptology, he also learned about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. How Israel ended up in Egypt land.

Thirdly, she offers progression. This milk is filled with water, fat and the natural nutrients a child needs for maturity. The Apostle Paul said that we must grow on the Milk of God’s Word before eating the Meat of God’s Word. This milk will do his body good. For he shall grow up and at the age of 80 and return to lead God’s Children out of bondage “