The Right! From the Start initiative seeks to address health, socioeconomic, racial and geographic disparities in maternal and child health by:

  • Providing participatory and action-oriented recommendations to improve services.

RFTS’ Vision: To increase support for breastfeeding through community outreach, education, collaboration with diverse groups of service providers and supporting mothers in their efforts to breastfeed.


Collaborative Updates

This website is intended to provide updates on collaborative activities in the community related to breastfeeding and maternal and child health. The goal is to have this website eventually be a repository of information and resources for those seeking to increase the breastfeeding rates for our most vulnerable babies.

There is a section for each of activities associated with our Right! From the Start activities. Following is an overview of our activities. Please browse our entire website or click on the subject matters that appeal to you most. Thank you for visiting.


Faith-Based Outreach

The objective of the campaign is to provide activities in churches to support healthy babies and children. One of the ways this objective can be achieved is to support pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

The faith-based outreach campaign is designed to spread the word that the entire community has the responsibility of ensuring healthy outcomes for babies born in our communities. It doesn’t matter is the moms and babies are within our immediate families or part of your individual church family.


NICU Breastfeeding Project

The goal of the NICU Breastfeeding project is to develop a hospital and community-based project to increase the breastfeeding rates for low, very low AND extremely low birth weight babies utilizing a multi-agency approach to ensure better outcomes and systemic change.
The project intends to encourage breastfeeding and the transport of breast milk by the mother to their babies while in the NICU at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the Level IV regional NICU in the State of Mississippi.
The NICU breastfeeding project is research and evidence-based, located in the Mississippi Delta, with some of the worst health indicators and socioeconomic conditions in the nation.

Recent Events

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Healthy Baby Campaign Kick-Off


Preaching The Importance Of Breastfeeding

Reverend Eric Dickey is the Pastor of The First Missionary Baptist Church in Biloxi Mississippi. In addition to serving as the Ministerial Mentor for the Right! From the Start project, he also serves as President of the Ministerial Alliance, an organization comprised of more than 225 ministers on the MS Gulf Coast and Pine Belt Regions.  read more

Right! From the Start Healthy Baby Ambassadors

The Healthy Baby Ambassadors work with the project staff on activities of each of the designated churches on organizing and conducting their Healthy Baby Sunday services. The Healthy Baby Ambassadors also provided outreach to faith-based and other organizations in their communities.